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Answering your most common questions…

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it be before I get my translation?

It depends on the number of words and the complexity of the document. We can tell you how long it will take if you send us your document when requesting a quote.

How much does the translation cost? Is it cheap?

The price generally depends on a number of factors:

  • the number of words
  • the technical difficulty of the subject matter
  • the complexity of the formatting
  • the degree of urgency (i.e. a fast turnaround time or not)

But first, at MTS we will always give you an overall price quote for your translation project before we begin work. That way you’ll know exactly the cost of your project when you place an order and can easily plan your translation budget.

The word count is calculated on the basis of the relevant tools in Microsoft Word.

Do you need to see the document original?

Generally, no – a good quality scan or photo will usually be adequate.  Ideally a scan is preferable to a photo. If you don’t have a scanner, it’s best to use a scanning app such as CamScanner, which is free.

Can I be sure that all my information will remain confidential?

Yes, you can. As part of our NZSTI and Ministry of Justice accreditation, we have to adhere to a strict ethic of confidentiality.


Let’s get started…

Get A Quote

Step 1: Scan your documents.

Scan (or take a photo) of your documents – we do not require the original document.

Step 2: Upload or email us the files for a quote.

Use the quote form on this page to upload your files and to give us your details or email the files to sayyub@xtra.co.nz

Step 3: Accept the quote and pay by credit card/PayPal or bank transfer.

Pay in New Zealand Dollars or US dollars, or Euros, or in any other currency using our secure payment through PayPal.

Step 4: The translation is completed, certified and then emailed to you and delivered by post.

We’ll provide you with a copy by email and if required, follow up with a hard copy posted for free to the New Zealand address you provide.

*We provide free postage or you can utilise a courier service to anywhere for an additional charge.

* We accept Uber or Ola pickup and delivery of your items!

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