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Court & Legal Translation/Interpreting

Translation/interpreting of Court Orders, Hearings, Proceedings, and / or any other documentation; and Simultaneous interpreting of court hearings, trials, and sentences.


Multilingual Translation Services – MTS will be happy to provide professional translations for you in all subject matters – legal, financial, business contracts, Job Offers and Agreements, Franchise and business feasibility studies, accounts, commercial or marketing documentations. We will always be there for you to help and be of service for your court documents, proceedings, hearing records, interview statement, legal reports, summary of charges, police record, family court proceedings, court orders, non-convictions certificate, criminal report, police report, declarations, affidavits, affirmations, wills, power of attorney, dissolution of marriages, birth certificates, driving licences, marriage certificates or helping you prepare complex insurance and legal documents.


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Step 1: Scan your documents.

Scan (or take a photo) of your documents – we do not require the original document.

Step 2: Upload or email us the files for a quote.

Use the quote form on this page to upload your files and to give us your details or email the files to sayyub@xtra.co.nz

Step 3: Accept the quote and pay by credit card/PayPal or bank transfer.

Pay in New Zealand Dollars or US dollars, or Euros, or in any other currency using our secure payment through PayPal.

Step 4: The translation is completed, certified and then emailed to you and delivered by post.

We’ll provide you with a copy by email and if required, follow up with a hard copy posted for free to the New Zealand address you provide.

*We provide free postage or you can utilise a courier service to anywhere for an additional charge.

* We accept Uber or Ola pickup and delivery of your items!

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