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Multilingual Translation Services – MTS will be happy to help your business target markets with a professional localisation linguistic process in all subject matters, e.g. promotions, marketing, business contracts, commercial documentations and multilingual webpages. Multilingual Translation Services – MTS will always be there to help and be of service to you.


Your first step is just one click away – you can Request a Free Quote for your document(s) by clicking the button shown below.

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Step 1: Scan your documents.

Scan (or take a photo) of your documents – we do not require the original document.

Step 2: Upload or email us the files for a quote.

Use the quote form on this page to upload your files and to give us your details or email the files to sayyub@xtra.co.nz

Step 3: Accept the quote and pay by credit card/PayPal or bank transfer.

Pay in New Zealand Dollars or US dollars, or Euros, or in any other currency using our secure payment through PayPal.

Step 4: The translation is completed, certified and then emailed to you and delivered by post.

We’ll provide you with a copy by email and if required, follow up with a hard copy posted for free to the New Zealand address you provide.

*We provide free postage or you can utilise a courier service to anywhere for an additional charge.

* We accept Uber or Ola pickup and delivery of your items!

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